Legit Apps that pay you Real Money in 2022

Hey there! are you ready for a list of some amazing apps that pay you real money?

You can make loads of money while being online or while using your portable devices if you do it with the right amount of dedication and consistency. One amazing way to do it is through apps. They allow you the option of earning passively after you set these apps up.

Since earning money is an elementary part of life and requires constant efforts, therefore in this day and age, it is imperative to have multiple sources of income.

This is where the concept of money making apps comes in heavy and handy. We are suggesting here some apps that are tailor made for multiple sections of the society like students, working and household moms, and people who want to make extra bucks in their free time. 

Go through the list once and see for yourself which apps suit your style of work the most and you can proceed afterwards to download and install them on your preferred choice of devices. Then you can start earning. All the best Folks, Have a Happy money-making season.

How do these apps work?

Before we proceed further and give you a list of apps that will help you generate a recurring income, we would like to give you an overview as to how exactly these money making apps function over the internet.

This will help you gain clarity as to how you can work your way around these apps. Moreover, you will have a better idea as to where as in which direction you can concentrate your efforts in so that you can gain the maximum benefits off your time. So without further ado, here goes.

Most of the money making apps work on a cash referral principle, affiliate tie-ups and money back programs. On the side, each app has its own unique way through which it takes care of the operation of the clients.

These apps usually depend upon the user loyalty system and work on the psychology which motivates users to come back to the app again and again to use it.

Thus you visit these apps and complete their tasks in order to earn your reward of money. You have the choice of allocating the income that you have earned through these apps. There are options of redeeming that amount via wallets and gift cards. 

How To Get These Apps that pay you?

The procedure to get these apps is simple and straightforward. You can download these items from app stores respective to the type of device/s  you plan to use them on.

Next you create your account and register it by filling in your details and using your platforms. Then you establish yourself on these platforms by making good use of its interface proficiently.

The primary benefit of these apps includes the fact that you are your own boss. You can decide for your own how much time you wish to spend on these apps and consequently it will govern how much you earn as income.

These apps are usually very user friendly and automated, so you don’t have to exert a lot of effort in handling them. Plus you can earn a lot of money in the process by putting in effort which is minimal.

Moreover, you don’t need to make any heavy payments for signing up or for downloading these apps. Let us provide you with a comprehensive list of applications that you can use initially to get a hold of making money online.

These apps will enable you to understand the basic functional principles of making money online. So here it goes:


You can become what is called a ‘Dasher’ through this app. A Dasher delivers food orders through DoorDash to customers in specific areas that they want to operate in.

So you receive the order and indicate that you are available to deliver the order on your scooter, car or even your bicycle.

You will receive a basic pay, tips and promotions as your reward for delivering the orders to customers in your area. However you need to have completed 18 years of age to be eligible to become a Dasher. 

Happy Dashing !!!

Survey Junkie

As the name suggests, this app pays you for doing surveys. You scrutinize the services and products offered by big brands and companies and register your opinion about them.

This comes in the dominion of market survey. In accordance with your region and the interests that you have chosen, you get reward points. You can also get paid for participating in focus groups.


You are anyways going to buy a product because you have chosen it. Why not do it through Rakuten and earn rewards for the purchase. Sounds like a beneficial deal yes? This is exactly what Rakuten has to offer.

Rakuten takes a commission from big stores for sending customers there and splits the commission with you. A big win win for all. Go visit Rakuten right now and earn cashbacks and rewards. Thank us later. Refer it to your friends and earn more.


We all travel, shop and eat. Link your credit and debit cards to the application and every time you transact, you get cash backs and rewards. Then you redeem these points and earn. For instance, If you book hotels through the Dosh app, you get cashbacks on your bookings and you can use them for future bookings. Download the Dosh app and forget about it in the sense that you can relax, sit back and watch your credit score go up.


HealthyWage is a Government supported company which works by incentivizing people for losing weight. So basically it works like a healthy weight loss challenge.

The better you get at this challenge, the more rewarding it will get. Here is a little layout of how this program works. You start by putting in the details and specifications starting from how much weight you want to lose.

Next, you decide to commit on the time frame and detail how long as per you will take to lose the specified amount of weight. Next, you bet. You stick to it and win the bet. Sign up for Healthy-Wage and attain your weight loss goal. 


Trim is an application that performs the task of your personal Finance Assistant. You need to link the app to your Bank Account and let it monitor your spending pattern.

Trim will help you to negotiate your Comcast bill and bring it to a lower amount. Same applies to your car insurance. Additionally it will suggest you more ways that you can earn money.

So download the application now and make use of its friendly interface to make money. 


This app will help you make money by making use of devices that you already have at home or at your workplace. How? You can know more about it by clicking here. _______________.

If you have Google Home Voice Assistant and/or Alexa, you can use them for good online money making.


Foap is an application that pays you for taking good quality photographs and videos from your smartphone. It is not necessary that you be a trained or professional photographer to do this but you will have to meet certain requirements laid down by companies.

Take it like a mission that these companies give you to achieve and you work your way towards completing that mission and then you get paid for completing that mission. 


Everytime you go out to eat, you can get paid provided that you make your reservation through this app. You can select your preferred choice of the rewards from a variety of options like Starbucks, Amazon or Lyft gift cards.

Once you get the receipt of your payment at the restaurant you eat out at, you have to click a photo of the receipt and upload it. This verifies the amount that you have spent.

A digital reward code will be sent to your phone from the app, typically within 24 hours. This app therefore is a great idea to earn as restaurants are always on the lookout for regular and loyal customers.


Drop is an app similar to CheckOut51 and Ibotta. Link your bank account to this app and when you do retail shopping, you earn points that you can later redeem for free. You also get paid for playing games on the app and answering surveys.


If you love dogs, then this is the perfect job for you. You can get to make money by walking dogs and/or offering your services for pet sitting. This way, you can monetize your free time.

Become a sitter and upload your schedule with a list of the services that you offer against your prices. 


Swagbucks are points that you collect in your kitty for completing tasks. You can earn through different means like filling out polls, clipping coupons, watching videos, playing games, taking paid surveys and so much more.

If you refer Swagbucks to someone else, you make a portion commission for referral. You can maximize your earnings by taking up more tasks and completing them. 

Life Points:

By completing small tasks and through completing surveys, you can make quite a substantial amount of money through this app.

Usually these surveys are very short and it doesn’t take more than 10 minutes on average per survey. Additionally, to start you off, they provide you with a points bonus when you register fresh. 


Get paid for sharing your opinion on this app. In it, you have the opportunity to share your own opinions and how you feel about a range of topics such as current affairs and politics. On certain topics, it allows you to see the opinions of other users. 


Just like the name suggests, this app helps you to declutter and pays you money for doing it. So you are getting organized and paid at the same time.

If you decide to sell off video games lying around in your house, CDs, DVDs or Blu-Rays, you can make some money by selling them off on Decluttr. Game consoles, mobile phones and electronic tablets are also accepted on the site.

You can directly scan items on the app and it will give you an instant offer. Then you can pack the goods and drop them off at authorized retail outlets.


Rent your car to Turo. Especially if your car spends less time running on the road and more time standing in the driveway. If you don’t use your car regularly, you can leave it out for other people to take on rent.

However your car needs to meet certain specific requirements before you can give it out for rent. This is primarily for safety concerns and to make sure there are no bumps in your dealings with the one who rents your car.

You can read about the requirements in detail before you decide to go ahead with this decision.


Recognize your expertise, Identify the service that you can offer to people under that, create your profile, highlight yourself as ‘’Seller’’ on your profile, post about your service and let ‘’Buyers’’ click through and place their order. This is essentially how Fiverr works in a nutshell.

There are more than 200 categories in this Freelancing marketplace on which gigs are featured. These include animation, video and programming.

You get paid for completing the jobs and your seller levels are decided based on your performance. As you raise in levels as a Seller, you will be allowed to sell more extras


OfferUp is basically a local marketplace for selling your stuff. Whatever it is that you wish to sell, whether it is your furniture, phone or anything else, just click a picture of it, add a title and price alongwith a description of the product and start selling online.

You can have the option of chatting with the buyers directly through the app. Then you can either arrange a meeting with the buyer for handing over the product/s or you can ship them. 


I'm a computer science grad. And I'm currently pursuing an MBA in finance. I'm here to assist you, in whichever way i can, to start a fresh chapter by making money online. I hope I can give you that little push you need. I am looking forward to interacting with you and sharing experiences.
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